Natural Pain and Inflammation Relief

Millions of people worldwide turn to acupuncture for pain relief.  Often those with  injuries and chronic pain are only offered prescription medications or surgery.  These are not your only options.  Oriental Medicine offers solutions of acupuncture, cupping and herbal medicines.  Our goal is to stimulate healing, calm inflammation and stop pain.  

As a doctor of holistic medicine, my belief is that the benefit of the natural treatment is that these treatments are less invasive and less toxic.  Many of our patients come to us first to see if we can offer a safe, effective, surgery-free solution to their aches and pains.  Others come to us as a last resort....we have treated many cases where people have come in after surgery and drugs and have finally found relief with acupuncture.  They wish they would have tried acupuncture first!  

It makes more sense to try natural medicine before taking drugs long term or going “under the knife,” especially if you may end up with post-surgical pain anyway. 

Acupuncture stimulates natural pain-relieving chemicals, regulates the nervous system, relieves muscle tension and allows many people to better deal with stress.  When you are less stressed, your nervous system is not stuck in the "fight or flight" and you have more relaxation of muscles- thus more blood flow to your muscles, tendons and extremities.  When your nervous system is calm and your body is more relaxed, more of your body's natural healing and repair responses are activated and this is how healing occurs.


Acupuncture works very well for neck and back pain related to the spine, because it relaxes the muscles surrounding the spine and helps them to become more supple.  It also works on by regulating normal function of the nervous system along spine- many patient commonly have pain or neuropathy associated with herniation or bulging discs especially in the neck (C5, C6) and low back (L4, L5)

Arthritis pain and joint pain in knees, shoulder, wrists and ankles is a nagging pain that slows down activity, because we need our joints to move!  Acupuncture has been shown to relieve this by increasing circulation to the joints, tendons and ligaments.  Fresh blood flow to areas of pain will nourish the ligaments and cartilage with red and white blood cells to treat the pain at the source.  Over the course of a few treatments, you will experience pain relief and improved range of motion, so you can go back to activities you enjoy such as golf, tennis and walking on the beach.

Acupuncture has had success in some of the more difficult-to-treat types of pain such as Shingles, Neuropathies, Foot pain, Bone Spurs and tendonitis. 

So, you may ask, Do I have to keep coming to acupuncture forever to stay out of pain?  No, you don’t.  Nothing is a guarantee in medicine, thus it is a "practice," but our goal is to get you better.  At first, acupuncture usually does require a series of several treatments, that are ideally done close together for a more lasting effect.  First we are getting the nervous system calmed down and clearing out inflammation.  This allows the body to stimulate ‘self-healing’.  Then, acupuncture basically ‘re-trains’ the body how to function normally.  Some patients love the de-stressing aspect of acupuncture and come in for ‘tune-ups’ to prevent stress from causing flare-ups or other problems.  It is our goal to offer affordable, effective treatment that improve your quality of life.  So, if you are tired of being in pain, taking drugs or want to avoid surgery, ask about Acupuncture & Natural Medicine. 

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