What People Are Saying...

"Working with Seaside Acupuncture has been truly amazing.  After turning 40, I was constantly annoyed by the “extra 10 pounds” that just wouldn’t go away.  Sure, it would go away for a while, but it kept coming back.  By combining some minor changes in diet and exercise with the support of acupuncture, I was able to lose the weight in a matter of weeks with very little effort.  What is even better is the fact that the weight doesn’t instantly reappear after a day or two of “not being good.”  I feel my natural weight point has been reset."

-S.W., Jupiter, FL  

"I began going to Seaside Acupuncture before I even became pregnant to help with my fertility.  Then a short time later I was pregnant and continued to go for my early pregnancy related symptoms like nausea, fatigue, constipation, migraine headaches and back pain. I was able to get through my pregnancy with no medications whatsoever other than my vitamins only because of her help.  I had suffered with migraines before the pregnancy and then during as well, but I couldn't take any medications. I believe in Acupuncture because it's safe for Mom and Baby!"  -Pregnant Mom in Jupiter, FL

"Seaside Acupuncture was wonderful during my blastocyst transfer.  She was very flexible and accommodating which is especially necessary with IVF. She performed acupuncture before and after the transfer at the center. I am 38 years old and had a single embryo transfer. I am blessed to be 11 weeks pregnant and I'm sure acupuncture played an important role in getting me pregnant."
-M.F., FL

"After experiencing the "joys" of morning sickness throughout the days and nights during the early weeks of my pregnancy, I turned to Seaside Acupuncture.  As a business owner, it was crucial for me to manage the queasiness so I could continue to function at work.  The acupuncture treatments relieved my nausea and I felt encouraged to continue with regular treatments throughout my pregnancy.  I cannot say enough about the incredibly attentive and passionate care I received from the acupuncture physicians at Seaside.  I had a fabulous pregnancy, speedy recovery and have a healthy, beautiful baby boy to show for it.  Thank you!"
-Happy new mom in Jupiter, FL

"Gina has been treating my family for over a year and a half at Seaside Acupuncture.  Her professionalism, knowledge, warmth, and caring shines through, and it is a pleasure to be a patient of theirs.  My 12 year-old son and I have both had regular acupuncture treatments.  One of my favorite side benefits of my Seaside Acupuncture treatments is the relaxation I feel from the minute I walk through their doors, which lasts even after my treatment is complete.  Knowing that I can turn to Gina for accurate information and natural healthcare gives me peace and health of both body and mind.  Thank you both for your commitment to my family’s health!"
-H.G. – Jupiter, FL

"My son began teething very early and I visited Seaside Acupuncture to see if a treatment might offer some relief.  To my surprise, he responded almost immediately.  He didn't flinch once during the pediatric acupuncture treatment and within minutes the cranky baby I walked in with, gnawing on his fingers in pain, was now giggling, smiling and had a full, peaceful night's sleep!  Thanks Seaside!!"
-Jupiter, FL Mom

"Since completing my Acupuncture facials series with Gina, I have noticed a big difference in my skin tone.  The overall appearance is firmer and my wrinkles and fine lines have become smaller and less noticeable.  In my 20's and 30's I remembered to take care of my face, but not my neck as much.  Now, I especially notice the creases on my neck have been diminishing.  I will definitely continue to use this therapy for maintenance because I am noticing a nice change."

-D.M., Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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