Headaches and Migraines

Headaches and Migraines are one of the most common health complaint in the United States.  Millions of people suffer from headaches.  Those who suffer from headaches know how uncomfortable and annoying they are.  For those with migraines, they are beyond annoying and uncomfortable, to the point of being potentially debilitating.     

How long have you suffered from headaches?  How often do they occur?  What are they like at their worst?  Do they restrict you from doing activities?  How do they affect your work and/or family?  

As you may answer these question, you may realize how much your pain is effecting the quality of you life.  Furthermore, this is a sign that deeper health issues may exist in relation to nerves, circulation and organ function.


Why choose natural medicine to deal with health problems?

The main solutions to headaches that western medicine offers is drug therapy.  Some headaches and especially migraines, may not really even be relieved by this problem.
How many pills have you taken over the long-term to alleviate head pain?  This is often a concern that is considered by many of my patients that have opted to try acupuncture to deal with chronically* occurring headaches?  If you are taking 3 ibuprofen twice a week, that is 312 ibuprofen in a year, 3,120 in a decade, 12,480 in a 40-year period.  Over the long term, this is may take a significant toll on the function of liver and kidneys, which in oriental medicine would probably find this would be making your condition worse in the long-term.

How much time in your life has been spent suffering from headaches?  If you have headache pain twice a week for 8 hours, over ten years, you would be suffering with headache pain for 8320 hours in 10 years.  You know that you are not at your happiest or most productive during these hours of your life, that accumulate to be a significant part of your our short and precious lives in the long run.  Most people often try to ignore these problems, but wouldn’t it be a major value to your quality of life, to get rid of these headaches all together without drugs?  

Headaches may come from general tension, allergies/sinus or nervous system imbalances (migraines).  Most headache sufferers do hold tension in the neck and shoulders, effecting the flow of blood to the head.  Migraine suffers often also have constipation issues.  Some headaches are also due to hormonal imbalances and have a pattern of occurrence in relation to the menstrual cycle.  These and other factors are part of the puzzle of lack of blood flow to the head and “energy”(nervous system) flow in the body.  Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine modalities address these blockages, alleviate pain, relax muscles, regulate hormones and balance the nervous system.

Dozens of studies have supported the efficacy of acupuncture in being beneficial for the treatment of headaches.  Clinically speaking, at Seaside Acupuncture we have had many cases of improving the lives of those suffering from headaches.  


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