Traditional Oriental Herbal Medicine


Oriental herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years and is a highly respected gathering of medical information.  What makes it so effective is that Oriental Medical Practitioners have a unique and insightful way to work with herbs based on Traditional Oriental Medical Diagnosis.

Hundreds of herbs have been identified to treat different symptoms, organs and have different temperatures and flavors.  The herbs are then combined into many traditional "Formulas". 

These formulas are then adjusted by adding or removing certain herbs.   This will make the formula specific to each person's unique condition.  Taking a formula, as opposed to a single herb is considered to be much more safe, balancing and beneficial.  A single herb should not be taken alone for an extended period of time or it may have side effects.  A good example of this is the commonly publicized herb - St. John's Wort.  While it may work well for some people to treat depression, it is unbalanced when taken alone.  Also, as your health improves, it cannot be changed or modified.

The most effective use of herbs is to have a combination that may be altered over time to best fit your changing health.

Herbal consultations can be done in combination with acupuncture or as a stand-alone method of treatment. 

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